Bringing your food waste

The first Hotbins are up, it’s time to fill them!

If you would like to join, can you please add your name to the email list? Then I can communicate with you about the how’s and what’s. This is important, because it takes daily management from my side and if things come in the right way, it’s a lot less work! And: it’s important to keep the site really tidy to avoid problems with rodents.

Here are the guidelines: 

  • You can put all your kitchen and food waste in there. This includes peelings, fruit that has gone off, cooked food, stale or moldy bread, eggshells, orange peels, kitchen paper, paper napkins… the whole lot.
  • Please do not put meat, bones and larger quantities of dairy in the hotbins.
  • It would be great if you could cut/chop up big items like whole apples, carrots, whole loaves of bread etc
  • If you use the compostable bin liners, please leave them open so don’t tie them. I will tip them out and bin the bags. They don’t work well in the bins.
  • Put your garden waste in the brown bin or in one of the green compost bins, so not in the hotbin! Large quantities make it difficult to manage.
  • Please make sure you close the lid after use so it stays hot and doesn’t attract rats.
  • Please keep the area tidy and clean, again to not attract rats

Bringing paper shredding

Another way to support the project is to bring your shredded paper.

I will mix the food waste with shredded paper and wood chips every day. Let me know if you have some shredded paper or add it in a bag in the green compost bin that stands apart (with the stones on top).

Attention: only cross-cut shredded paper (that’s the small stuff) works well, the long strips don’t.

The project has been very popular so we will need two more Hotbins soon. Are you happy to contribute with some money? Please go here; thank you very much!

If you are interested in participating in growing food in the raised beds, please let me know as well.

Thank you só much for your organic donations and your support so far.  Let’s walk our talk and be as resilient and sustainable as we can.

Let me know if you have any questions,