My first task will be to raise some money to buy the Hotbins and some other materials. The bins are not cheap, but they work well for cooked and uncooked food and are fast and rodent proof.

I will also need a wooden structure where I can store some tools and other stuff.

  • Hotbins. I will start with three bins on top of the two I already have and expand as needed: 3 x £200 = £600
  • Small wooden shed to store shredded paper, wood chips and tools: £250
  • A few bits and bobs like buckets and two storage containers for bulking materials: £100

So I’m looking to raise £950. It would be amazing if I could start the project in January so we have compost and can start growing in spring! I will write short blogs so you can see how the project is evolving.

Amount raised so far (12 January): £308! The first hotbin (£200) arrived and we’re going for the second one!

Still to go for the second Hotbin: £92

Are you happy to support with your food waste? Or do you want to be involved in the care for the compost area and/or do you want to grow food yourself? Let me know via the contact form below and I’ll be in contact.

Are you inspired by this community project? Please consider giving a donation. Even a small amount is very helpful.

You can pay via the PayPal button below:

Would you rather not use PayPal? Let me know via the contact form below that you want to give a donation and I will send you my bank details.