Things are going really well!

There are now five hotbins, thanks to the various donations that are still coming in. Two extra ones were necessary because many people are bringing their food waste and the three existing bins were full to the brim.

Carin Schwartz and I gathered two wheelbarrows of veg that had gone off from a local shop, chopped it up and mixed it with shredded paper and wood chips to give the new bins a good start. They’re steaming already.

Then five potato boxes and two wheels of straw arrived, all bought with the money from donations (thank you!). The idea is that we’re going to fill the potato boxes with soil and organic matter and put a layer of about 4 inches of compost on top. That will be the compost we’re making at the moment.

Once the boxes are filled we can start growing vegetables! The idea is to do the growing together as a group one evening a week, starting as soon as it gets light enough to be outside in the evening.

There will also be a work party soon to start filling the potato boxes. I will let you know.

Are you exited to be involved in growing food together? Let me know via the contact form below!

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